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Civil And Structural Engineering

Elevate your projects with our expertise in Civil & Structural Engineering, which includes the following aspects:


Elevated Reservoirs (OHT): Innovative designs for efficient water storage and distribution.

Pumping Stations: Engineering critical infrastructure for fluid management.

Water Treatment Plants (STP, ETP, WTP): Precision in structural design for essential facilities.

Underground Water Tanks: Creating reliable underground storage solutions.


This is just a glimpse of the wide range of civil and structural engineering services that we provide. Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd transforms concepts into resilient structures, ensuring form and function harmonize seamlessly.

Surveying Work

Explore our meticulous Surveying services, crucial for precise project execution:

Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd excels in:

Topographical Surveys: Accurate land mapping is essential for project planning and design.

Geotechnical Surveys: Evaluating soil properties to ensure stable foundations.

Hydrographic Surveys: Mapping underwater terrain for aquatic projects.

Construction Layout Surveys: Precise on-site measurements to guide construction phases.

As-Built Surveys: Documenting project details for accurate future reference.

At Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd, our Surveying expertise enhances project accuracy and success, laying the foundation for excellence in engineering.

Water & Waste Water Engineering

Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd offers specialized wastewater engineering services in the following areas:


Water Supply Distribution Networks: Ensuring reliable access to clean water for communities.

Clear Water Rising Main Lines: Efficient water transportation through precision design.

Bulk Water Supply Schemes: Optimizing water distribution for large-scale requirements.

Surge Analysis of Sewage Lines: Ensuring efficient waste management under varying conditions.

Underground Sewerage Networks: Seamlessly integrated, precision-designed solutions for urban environments.

Sewage Treatment Plants (STP): Innovative designs that align with environmental standards.

Water Treatment Plants (WTP): Harnessing cutting-edge technology for water purification.


At Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd, we empower communities with sustainable Water & Waste Water Engineering solutions that make a difference.

Road & Building Works

Discover our proficiency in Road & Building projects, contributing to infrastructure development:

Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd specializes in:

Detailed Estimate of Roads: Precision planning and cost assessment for rural roads.

Cross Drainage Works: Ensuring efficient water flow to prevent road damage.

Laboratory Analysis of STPs: Rigorous testing for robust Sewage Treatment Plants.

At Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd, we engineer pathways and structures that connect communities while ensuring environmental sustainability and structural resilience.

Renewable Energy Works

Discover our dedication to sustainability through diverse Renewable Energy projects:

Pravada Engineers Pvt Ltd excels in:

Solar Panel Installation: Harnessing solar energy for a greener future, with capacities ranging from 10 kW to 100 kW.

At Pravada, we take pride in our wide-ranging expertise, providing tailored solutions that harness renewable resources. From designing and installing solar panels of varying capacities to promoting eco-friendly practices, we contribute to a more sustainable world, one watt at a time